#KAT Once I had one of these long and intense dreams that I believe has brought me back to a former life. I dreamed that I was swimming in the strong current of a big river and my job was to manage huge, heavy tree trunks to float swiftly down one after another, some chained together. I was very skilled in swimming and balancing on the floating tree trunks. It was a dangerous job but every fibre of my body was trained to do it and I swom and surfed past wonderful natural landscape in fresh water with great content and pride of myself.me_now_and_then

So, if this is who I was once – who am I now? Since 2007 I live in wonderful historic, buzzing and creative Amsterdam. My work has brought me to a mid sized international ad agency and a multi-brand fashion retailer where I was assigned as a responsive, hands on graphic designer who quickly visualizes ideas and delivers tailor made communication that sells. I am a mid weight graphic designer, marketing creative and illustrator, having plus 6 years of work experience in (freelance) design and advertising for different international clients from England, Germany, Holland and Dubai and Malta.

Find me on Linkedin, flickr, check my handmade images at Hatching Images or contact me always via kathrin@simonsmeier.com