Artisanal packaging design

I always feel #lucky to create my designs around yummy things! And to be able to adorn them with #illustrations. That way I am a very #durable designer because I can create or recreate almost any illustration style required – no image agency or fees needed.
For the brand “Maypole” I was asked to design labels for bottles and jars in October 2014. The products are very artisanal and produced and traded mostly for gift hampers. So my starting point were illustrations which go nicely with the product.

Patterns in illustrator

Here is a gif of how the different steps, first sketching and colouring than tracing and colouring again in Illustrator. The result are a very dynamic and original illustrations.

Liquids to design were one lemon-flavoured liqueur and one olive oil, further on I designed jar labels and sealers for in total 6 sweet and savory spreads.   mockup_MaypoleJar_Tags_MarmaladeJar_Tags_savoury