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Mobile Banking

To execute financial transactions via the mobile is no novelty but to view and manage your funds intuitively with real time display in the cloud is #innovative – and possible with the #app I designed April 2014 for Robein. Together with the mobile developer I was responsible to work out the info structure, the wire frame design and to design screens that work as a perfect overview and tool palette on your finger tip over individual financial portefeuilles. beauty_shots_app

An example screen of how you can examine your current and past performance by dragging the pink field over the graph.13981250258_f1d9819645_z


I especially liked the  simplistic icons on top navigation row which work with initials as I think that there is an overflow of semantic icons in this day and age. At the bottom tab you have already semantic icons for Home, Portfolio, Funds and Contact. It is generally known and popular amongst tech-driven people to work with letter shortcuts, so I think the iconic initials on the top really make sense.14164571761_226abf6b67_b

The development is a native app for IOS, later Android version should follow. This projected was connected to the redesign of the brand and website of the financial institution “Robein” which I have partly contributed to with graphics, an info brochure and portrait photography in a certain corporate style.


Life is a full circle!

What you give comes back. This is a beautiful concept. Give love to get love. This is an online #charity #campaign I designed in February 2015 for PFA Agra. Launch was on Valentines Day 2015. This campaign has only a few but essential ingredients: Love, compassion, people and street animals. The simplistic web template, typical photography and light info graphics support the crowd funding message and the ease in which support can be offered.



  The #logo design reflects the simplicity and pureness of the campaign. It has to work in big and small scales for social media with a good contrast to the environment.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 11.31.08Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 11.31.43CoC_logo

If you or your company has capacities to help this small, family owned shelter, I´d be happy to hear from you at any point. You may also get in touch with them directly just click here



design of key visual and design of mobile #app. The french “Tricolore” played a big role within the #branding of Le Coq Sportif. This communication strategy is aimed to make the #identity tangible by offering a game which reflects the colour code. Once you play get the tricolore score right share it on facebook and make chance to win a pair of Le Coq sneakers!LCS_iphone_game Screen-shot-2013-02-04-at-12.34.26



Trade – the film

IFAN the Independent Film Artists Network asked me to #design the title for the film “Trade” a film about human trafficking and illegal organ transplant. Role was art direction, design and concept. The movie takes place in a sinister and cruel sphere where high pitched emotions such as fear are to be observed from close by. I created their title, the brochure, the mock up for their teaser website and #social media assets on facebook next to promotion material.

Leaflet_printer_file Trade_businesscards_3fold_inside Trade_businesscards_3fold_bigboxLeaflet_printer_file3 Leaflet_printer_file2

Synopsis of movie

Website displays teaser


Atelier Emily van Olden

Emily van Olden is an Amsterdam based artist and she has a master degree in fashion and textile tapestries. In 2013 I have started to work with Emily helping her in her media presence and adding projects to her website. shot the #product #photography and implemented the images on website, as well as for catalogues and exhibitions.

In 2015 she got me on board for her recent brain child, a foundation called Save The Loom. Save The Loom is an international interdisciplinary art project set up to conduct research into the influence of sensory experiences in production processes and the significance of handicrafts in terms of cultural history. For this project I help her with the press releases and medial documentation of activities, invites and the general holistic communication services.

Product Shots

Les Fétichistes

Atelier Emily van Olden

Etalage web site