Mobile Banking

To execute financial transactions via the mobile is no novelty but to view and manage your funds intuitively with real time display in the cloud is #innovative – and possible with the #app I designed April 2014 for Robein. Together with the mobile developer I was responsible to work out the info structure, the wire frame design and to design screens that work as a perfect overview and tool palette on your finger tip over individual financial portefeuilles. beauty_shots_app

An example screen of how you can examine your current and past performance by dragging the pink field over the graph.13981250258_f1d9819645_z


I especially liked the  simplistic icons on top navigation row which work with initials as I think that there is an overflow of semantic icons in this day and age. At the bottom tab you have already semantic icons for Home, Portfolio, Funds and Contact. It is generally known and popular amongst tech-driven people to work with letter shortcuts, so I think the iconic initials on the top really make sense.14164571761_226abf6b67_b

The development is a native app for IOS, later Android version should follow. This projected was connected to the redesign of the brand and website of the financial institution “Robein” which I have partly contributed to with graphics, an info brochure and portrait photography in a certain corporate style.