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Vector works!

All-over prints for fashion, vector work.Allover Print Designsfeets

All Over Print "Tropical"


Trade – the film

IFAN the Independent Film Artists Network asked me to #design the title for the film “Trade” a film about human trafficking and illegal organ transplant. Role was art direction, design and concept. The movie takes place in a sinister and cruel sphere where high pitched emotions such as fear are to be observed from close by. I created their title, the brochure, the mock up for their teaser website and #social media assets on facebook next to promotion material.

Leaflet_printer_file Trade_businesscards_3fold_inside Trade_businesscards_3fold_bigboxLeaflet_printer_file3 Leaflet_printer_file2

Synopsis of movie

Website displays teaser


Chapatti and Basmati

#illustrated children´s #book - not strictly for cat lovers!
When I got back home from my 4 months stay in North India at the animal shelter of the city of Agra I was full of emotions and loaded with fresh ideas. India had presented to me a totally different world – a world of beauty, tough life and deep spirituality.
The subject of the story are two stray cats who make their way from the gutter to the glory. The bottomline of the book is to create awareness for street animals and to inspire children on how to help and save animals in need. The story is told in an authentic indian voice and combined with full spread tasty and spicy illustrations – just the type of visual impact you would want to expect from a story at the heart of India!Chapati_Basmati_illu3 Chapatti_Basmati_illu2 chapatti_Basmati_illu1

chap2 chap_1

Illustrated Children Book "Chapatti and Basmati"



Le Coq Sportif

#advertisement I designed for the french brand “Le Coq Sportif” inspired by cycling 2011. It was further on used as a clothing label for Le Coq´s cycling gear.Le_coq_en_fiets