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Talking to kids here, advertising Santa´s Magical Phone Booth

Fun and bright childrens #illustrations for a Christmas #promotion. The initial job was to create a logo, which also works in one color. So I started in Illustrator creating the working vector image, and colored it afterwards in Photoshop.Xmas_logo_web2

The crown the boy is wearing is part of the Logo of the shopping mall “The Duke”. The final real built booth looked stunning.


For internet and print adverts I have put some scenes together according to the style of the logo. Doing this work for Keen I found out that #character design isn´t as easy as one might think but definitively much fun. Xmas_logo_web3xmas_snowsphere_webBooth2



Iconic dog

Making a #software product human and easy to use is one big #UX goal. Can an association help to transport the idea of safety and protection? The idea behind showing a dog as a part of a company logo was to present a smart, sympathetic guard who acts as a reliable and clever watchdog over your (document) belongings. All dogs are vector work based on digital sketches.

Design proposals along the line “contract watchdog” and web designs.dog_icons12680932013_50a75ea4c5_c14007749195_80ec858c49_b13597627003_104b934e43_b13597544965_d75c7a12b3_b13597544785_748d74bf1d_b


Vector works!

All-over prints for fashion, vector work.Allover Print Designsfeets

All Over Print "Tropical"


Chapatti and Basmati

#illustrated children´s #book - not strictly for cat lovers!
When I got back home from my 4 months stay in North India at the animal shelter of the city of Agra I was full of emotions and loaded with fresh ideas. India had presented to me a totally different world – a world of beauty, tough life and deep spirituality.
The subject of the story are two stray cats who make their way from the gutter to the glory. The bottomline of the book is to create awareness for street animals and to inspire children on how to help and save animals in need. The story is told in an authentic indian voice and combined with full spread tasty and spicy illustrations – just the type of visual impact you would want to expect from a story at the heart of India!Chapati_Basmati_illu3 Chapatti_Basmati_illu2 chapatti_Basmati_illu1

chap2 chap_1

Illustrated Children Book "Chapatti and Basmati"