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Iconic dog

Making a #software product human and easy to use is one big #UX goal. Can an association help to transport the idea of safety and protection? The idea behind showing a dog as a part of a company logo was to present a smart, sympathetic guard who acts as a reliable and clever watchdog over your (document) belongings. All dogs are vector work based on digital sketches.

Design proposals along the line “contract watchdog” and web designs.dog_icons12680932013_50a75ea4c5_c14007749195_80ec858c49_b13597627003_104b934e43_b13597544965_d75c7a12b3_b13597544785_748d74bf1d_b



design of key visual and design of mobile #app. The french “Tricolore” played a big role within the #branding of Le Coq Sportif. This communication strategy is aimed to make the #identity tangible by offering a game which reflects the colour code. Once you play get the tricolore score right share it on facebook and make chance to win a pair of Le Coq sneakers!LCS_iphone_game Screen-shot-2013-02-04-at-12.34.26