Voyeuristic logo design

To flaunt sth.; to show off sth., to collect objects related to #personal lifetime #memories – this is what the dutch collective of cultural researchers and curators of Pronkzucht are creating space and attention for.
The logo design brief required to show a multitude of of objects like a blackbird, flowers, a pedestal, classic and yet personal items referring to history and past.


This project is a collaboration with my friend and graphic designer Johanna Bayerlein, who sketched out the idea of creating an initial “P” which becomes a furniture-like cabinet stuffed with memories. Raising #curiosity and serving also the voyeuristic aspect of watching other peoples very personal items. Close up on details of the Pronkzucht Logo and single elements.

14354381898_068d4bb413_hPrintThe artwork is applied to a stamp:


Objects and exhibitions of Pronkzucht on tumblr