Wine Quatro

Central in this style stands a graphic of a tile mosaic which is supposed to resemble and hint at typical mediterranean shapes. As a final result I aimed to achieve a bold display as well as a strong connection yet a certain variation between the bottles. Besides the distinct #white space I also designed each of the label to be slightly #asymmetric in their proportions. Each label will be therefore slightly different and be laser cut.


Front and back labels are designed in asymmetrical fashion and use colours of the wine itself with white accentuations. The variations between each label are subtle and therefore reinforce the whole idea of product family.Wine Bottle Mockup_backside

In December 2014, this series of four wines was originally designed to be all in cool grey shades with just a little colour accentuation but the client was requesting a more colourful design. Below some of my initial designs.GozoCottage_Wine_LabelsPossible solution for print advertisements, such as tent cards or posters – conceptual work.both_ads

The client is Gozo Cottage.